The latest call tracking technology is available at your fingertips to help ensure performance visibility. Easy management of your leads, opportunities and Return on Investment.

"Nearly 90% of consumers say they prefer to receive sales offers and promotions via direct mail."
Nielsens Research

5. FREE Call Tracking.
"70% of small local businesses say that the ideal marketing mix is a combination of Print Advertising and Digital SEO."
Pitney Bowes Survey

WHY CHOOSE ​Best Deals

6. Performance Guarantee. 

Get the industries ONLY Performance Guarantee. Best Deals Book provides you peace-of-mind when it come to local advertising. Let our experienced team work with you and maximize your financial returns.

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GET 3 platforms - Print, Web & Mobile. Broaden your consumer reach by providing access to your special offers in the form consumers prefer. Ask about linking your to social and web assets to view your special offers.

4. FREE Mobile & Web.
3. FREE Local Number.

We will provide your new business with a free local or toll free telephone number to help make your business be more local.

Let our experienced and talented designers help add that little extra you may need in your advertisement design and unique call-to-action or build you a new advertisement from scratch.

2. Beautiful Advertising.
1. 8-Point Hyper-Local Targeting.

Increase your advertising performance with our exclusive 8-Point demographics based targeting solution. Best Deals Book pre-selects specific household demographics important to your business.

Best Deals Book is the your only full size, 100% Advertising Magazine with a 'quick find'  feature that mails to 'Disposable Income" households.

'Quick Find' cuts the clutter and connects your business with the right local customers.
Every issue features beautifully designed local business ads cover-to-cover. Elegant direct advertising draws consumers in, creates interest and generates the desired actions. And they’re made all the more effective and accessible by our distinctive, easy-to-use 'Quick Find' feature.

Here are 6 reasons to choose Best Deals for your business: