Best Deals Book helps pre-qualify local and national home services companies so that you can get the very best products and services from trusted, licensed and insured home service contractors. In addition to home services we connect you with quality local home retailers, a variety personal service providers and local restuarants!

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​​​​​​"Best Deals Book is our trusted resource guide to help us when we need reputable and qualified contractors. We are a retired couple and simply don't trust or even want learn how to navigate the internet at this time in our lives."
Michelle Power, Longboat Key, Florida

​​​​​​"We look forward to receiving our copy of Best Deals Book in the mail box each month. We feel it features the best local and national brands that have expertise in our local area. The best thing is we save time searching and negotiating with random companies. When we need a home improvement expert, we turn to Best Deals Book."
Naples, Florida

​​​​​​​​"As a busy physician, we just can’t trust word of mouth or internet marketing when it comes to our home improvement projects. We trust the companies in Best Deals Book & Exclusively Home Improvements magazine because they are successful enough to stand firmly behind their work!"
Dr. Shawn Stevens, University Park, Florida

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​​​​​​​"I am a avid user of Best Deals Book and Exclusively Home Improvements. As a business professional I understand the costs of consistent advertising. The way I see it, if a business can advertise month over month then they must be doing something right. That's the kind of business I want working on my home."
Calvin Rohrich, River Strand, Florida

​​​​​"We use Best Deals Book to help select reputable Home Service companies. We feel more comfortable looking through the pages of this magazine. It lets us know they are real and will perform high quality workmanship on our home."
Adam Morris, Bonita Springs, Florida