Best Deals publishes high-quality, high-gloss advertising-only magazines and is the fastest growing advertising network on Florida's Gulf Coast. Best Deals connects consumers with the best local savings via offers and beautiful advertisements and supports each local economy through consumer discovery and commerce. Best Deals equates to the best value and is what discerning customers are looking for today.

Inspired by affluent consumers who seek the best value from local operators across a broad variety of product & services. We deliver the very best each community has to offer in the highest quality and quantity magazine, mailed to just the right households. Best Deals enables all consumers through our print, web and mobile formats. 

The Best Deals network can connect your business with over 500,000 highly valued households every month from Pasco County & the Tampa Bay area, south to Naples, Florida and every county in between along the Gulf Coast . Our magazines feature the best businesses and brands in four primary categories - Home Improvements, Home Services, Retail products & services, Food & Dining. Each of these groups are underscored by our Quick Find feature, enabling quick and easy access to just the right ad.

We connect your business to a powerful network of affluent consumers, determined by our unique 8-Point demographics targeting. Our typical homeowner enjoys each of our target business groups and can be described as those who:

      1) Invest to beautify & improve their homes through a variety of projects,
      2) Takes pride in their living space with new furniture and luxuries,

Also, chooses to improve their own personal quality of life through:

      3) Apparel shopping and personal betterment,
      4) Dining out at the best place in town to eat and be social.

Whether you created your own brand, own a franchise or want to amplify your marketing strategy, let Best Deals Book and Exclusively Home Improvement magazine connect your business with your next customer today!



Florida's Premier Advertising Network